Las Vegas Tours, Sightseeing and Attractions

Las Vegas is one of the most popular destinations in the United States. If you are one of the millions of people who are planning to visit this unforgettable city, Expedia is here to assist you. We'll help you find the best local spots and attractions.

There are many things to do in Las Vegas, with fun venues located all over the map. The area is known for its many themed hotel/casinos. Gambling is one of the most popular Las Vegas activities. The MGM Grand and Caesar's Palace are just some of the many, many casinos in the area. The iconic Luxor building is shaped like an ancient Egyptian pyramid. The medieval themed Excalibur is designed to look like a castle. Let’s not forget the beautiful Bellagio Fountains. Check out other popular spots such as the Venetian with its channels and of course Treasure Island. A trip to Vegas is worth it for the architecture in-and outside the casinos alone.

Las Vegas tours often take visitors down the famous Strip, home to many colorful attractions. The area is also known for its many live shows and performances. Yes, Las Vegas is the perfect place to escape from the humdrum activities of normal daily life and escape into another world. If you feel like testing your luck and trying to hit the jackpot, this is the city for you.

Other attractions in Las Vegas include Dig This, a bulldozer theme park. The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is a short distance away and features many opportunities for hiking and sightseeing. The area is known for its striking rock formations.

Let Expedia guide you to all of the must see places that this city has to offer. We'll make sure that you find the top Las Vegas excursions. No tourist should be without us. Make sure to book your hotel through Expedia. No one makes the process as easy and efficient as we do. Happy traveling!
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