Things to do in Lake Taupo

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Exhilarating Water Touch Bungee Jump
Launch yourself off the 154 foot (47 m) cliff-top and hurtle towards the rolling waters of Waikato River for an exhilarating bungee jump experience. Skim the surface with your fingertips or elect for a total plunge, enjoying an adrenaline rush... Read More

Categories: Adventures, Tours & Sightseeing

30 minutes

per adult

High Velocity Extreme Swing over Waikato River Valley
Feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins as you engage in a swing ride 154 feet (47 m) above the floor of a vast river valley. Cut through the wind at 43 miles per hour (70 km/h) and arc 180... Read More

Categories: Adventures, Tours & Sightseeing

30 minutes

per adult

Huka Falls Jet Boat Ride
Feel the wind rushing through your hair on this exhilarating 30-minute jet boat ride at Huka Falls. Make sharp turns and heart-stopping 360-degree spins as you maneuver through the Waikato River with your expert driver. Read More

Categories: Adventures, Day Cruises & Water Activities

30 minutes

per adult

Lake Taupo Brunch Cruise by Chris Jolly Outdoors
Combine a wonderful cruise on the magnificent Lake Taupo with a delicious brunch aboard the _Cruise Cat_. Absorb the scenery around the lake, admire the Maori rock carvings, and marvel at the snowcapped mountain peaks of the beautiful Tongariro National... Read More
Lake Taupo Scenic Cruise by Chris Jolly Outdoors
Discover the stunning Lake Taupo aboard the _Cruise Cat_. Admire natural bays, learn about Maori mythology, and marvel at fabulous views of the snowcapped mountain peaks of the majestic Tongarino National Park. Read More

Categories: Day Cruises & Water Activities, Tours & Sightseeing

1 hour 30 minutes

per adult

Parasail Adventure on Lake Taupo
Soar high in the sky, parasailing behind a boat above Lake Taupo, the largest lake in New Zealand. Choose between a 400-foot (122 m) or 800-foot (244 m) parasail, both with a dry takeoff and landing. Choose to experience an... Read More

per adult

ZORB Globe Riding Activity
Experience the ZORB Globe: Bounce around inside a 12-foot (3.6 m) inflatable transparent globe, traveling head-over-heels down a hill. Depending upon your sense of adventure, you may choose either a dry or wet version of this original New Zealand sport.... Read More

per adult

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