Granada Tours, Sightseeing and Attractions

Plan Your Granada Escapades Andalusia, Spain, is home to one of the most exclusive and beautiful communities in the world. Step into the grandeur of Granada. Any tourist who lands in Granada is sure to fall in love with the ancient charm and modern heartbeat pulsing through the city. Start planning your Granada excursions today so you can wake up in an ancient city of enchantment tomorrow. will have you on a mountain top looking out over the city in no time.

Historical Granada Activities Art and culture dominate the list of top attractions in Granada. Granada has a rich history full of Moorish and Christian influences. And the city is alive with stories of its own riveting history. This is apparent in the music, art, and attractions drawing visitors in under a spell of beauty and serenity.

The most popular attraction on Granada tours is a royal residence claimed as a World Heritage Site. You simply must visit the complex of the Alhambra and the Generalife. The campus features an amazing palace linked to extraordinary gardens. You can roam the rooms and gardens once inhabited by the kings of the Nasrid dynasty. This is a rare opportunity to experience authentic and ancient Muslim art in Europe.

Adventures on the Tropical Coast Dozens of beaches are waiting for you. Granada's climate experiences sunny weather virtually all year long. The Tropical Coast is a stretch of coast lining Granada. This is the only spot in Europe where fruits such as mango, papaya, and avocado grow wild. Visitors from spots all over the map flock to the gorgeous beaches of Granada for catching sun and engaging in water sports.

Places to Shop in Grenada You can rub elbows with the elite of Granada as you visit the many upscale stores and street markets making the city a famous shopping destination. The region is renowned for artisan guitars, handmade pottery, and detailed wood furniture. There is also a bounty of luxury shopping plazas. Many of the shops at the famous Plaza Nueva also feature Arab perfume stalls and depots for rare cosmetics and clothing.

Cuisine One of the best things to do in Granada is to indulge in the incredible local cuisine. Famous dishes include stewed snails, battered fish, and a variety of tapas. The cuisine of Granada is especially rare because it is influenced by Arab, Christian, and Jewish culinary culture. There is an abundance of spices and honey to give Granada cuisine a deliciously distinct flavor.

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