Things to do in Cozumel

Are you looking for things to do in Cozumel? Look no further. The island of Cozumel is loaded with activities and excursions for everyone who steps on shore. Travel to Cozumel and see what everyone is talking about.

Cozumel is the largest Caribbean island in Mexico as well as one of the country's top spots for tourism. The island, which gets its name from the Mayan word "Cuzamil" meaning "Island of Swallows," focuses on tourist activities as its primary source of income.

2-Tank Dive with All-Inclusive Day Pass
Undersea adventure awaits experienced divers at one of the best diving spots in the world. Enjoy a 2-tank dive into the clear azure waters of Cozumel and spend the rest of the day on Playa San Francisco. Beach activities, food,... Read More

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Atlantis Submarine Adventure
Discover why Cozumel is one of the best diving destinations in the world. Experience diving in the comfort of an air-conditioned submarine and marvel at the island's clear turquoise waters, exotic coral reefs, and abundant sea life. Read More

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ATV Jungle & Beach Adventure
Zip along off-road tracks and explore ancient Mayan caves, a cenote, and a small Mayan ruin on your way to Uvas Beach Club. If you've got a thirst for excitement, this 4-hour adventure with an ATV ride and water activities... Read More

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Chichén Itzá Sightseeing Tour with Yucatecan Lunch
Travel back in time as you journey through the remarkable ruins of Chichén Itzá. Enjoy a guided tour of the ancient Maya capital, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Explore the city's sacred temples and impressive pyramids... Read More

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14 hours

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Cozumel Dive Package for Certified Divers
Embark on a 2-day adventure diving in 4 unique locations of your choice. Explore the reefs made famous by legendary diver Jacques Cousteau, the same spots that put Cozumel on the map as one of the world's top diving destinations. Read More

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Discover Scuba Diving Experience with All-Inclusive Day Pass
Immerse yourself in the island's clear waters and discover a living world of color. This course is designed especially for diving beginners, so you can experience the vibrant coral formations and fish in one of the biggest reefs in the... Read More

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Dolphinaris Cozumel
Visit Dolphinaris Cozumel to enjoy time with a dolphin and witness the amazing connection between humans and animals. Shake a fin in the Interactive Program or ride on the belly of one of these beautiful mammals in the Swim Program. Read More

Categories: Day Cruises & Water Activities

1 hour

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Glass-Bottom Boat Cruise
Discover the breathtaking underwater marine life that makes Cozumel one of the most desirable islands in the world for diving. Snorkel above 3 different reef locations under the guidance of your experienced crew, or sit back and admire the natural... Read More

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Island Jeep Adventure
Climb into a Jeep and get ready for an off-road adventure to discover the hidden sanctuaries of Cozumel. Tour the island, take time for snorkeling, and even enjoy a beach picnic on the pristine sand as you overlook the blue... Read More
Off-Road ATV Jungle Adventure
Venture away from the sandy beaches and investigate the wild side of Cozumel. Mount your ATV built for 2, zip through the island's unbeaten paths, and explore the tropical jungle, intriguing ancient Mayan caves, and a natural sinkhole. Read More

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2 hours

per adult

Pirate Cruise with Lobster Dinner
Sail back in time to the days when pirate Jean Lafitte and his marauding crew of buccaneers ruled the Caribbean waters. Sip a rum cocktail, enjoy a delicious lobster dinner on deck, and then grab your sword for an evening... Read More

Categories: Culinary Experiences, Restaurants & Nightlife

3 hours 30 minutes

per adult

Sea Trek® Underwater Adventure
Plunge 25 feet (7.62 m) under the water's surface and walk among coral reef formations with an abundance of colorful marine life. Sea Trek® is the most accessible and comfortable way to explore the underwater world—thanks to the connected helmet,... Read More

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50 minutes

per adult

Shared Shuttle: Cozumel Airport (CZM)
Enjoy convenient and cost-effective shared transportation between Cozumel Airport (CZM) and your hotel aboard a shuttle. For transfers to and from Cozumel Airport, the areas to select from include: Read More

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10 minutes

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Snorkeling with Sea Turtles
Put your snorkel gear on, jump into the clear waters of Akumal Bay, and swim alongside magnificent turtles in their natural habitat. Visit this natural sea turtle sanctuary, find out all about this endangered species, and admire them as they... Read More

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Snuba Excursion
Explore the coral reefs up close, just as divers do, even if you're not a certified diver. Experience the feeling of swimming freely and admiring the vibrant colors of marine life 20 feet below the surface of the water—without having... Read More

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55 minutes

per adult

Swim & Snorkel with Stingrays
Experience the smooth, stealthy underwater life of local stingray. Grab a snorkel, a mask, and some flippers as you swim and interact with schools of beautiful stingray. Then go exploring on your own as you look for fish, coral, and... Read More

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2 hours

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Tulum & Xel-Ha All-Inclusive Tour
The Tulum and Xel-Ha All-Inclusive is a smart option for an unforgettable day. Cruise to Playa del Carmen, explore the only archaeological Mayan site that overlooks the ocean, and submerge in an incredible natural aquarium all on the same day. Read More

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Xcaret Sightseeing Tour
Discover the trails of Xcaret eco-archaeological park and experience a celebration of Mexican traditions and history. This magical location is surrounded by lush jungle, underground rivers, and the spectacular Caribbean Sea, and features more than 40 attractions and activities. Read More

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