About Cleveland Cultural Events, Museums, Art Galleries & More

Dabbling in a city’s arts and culture scene is a great way to get to know the destination. From historical exhibits to live performances, you’ll experience a different side of the town’s past and present. Although not all cities offer every one of these art and culture demonstrations, the following are just a few popular examples of those available in some areas.


Whether it’s ancient pottery or historical artifacts, museums are the place for treating yourself to some eye candy and history lessons. Museums offer a way for you to get up close and personal with masterpieces and relics from the past. Explore the exhibits on your own or request a guided tour for the inside scoop and background stories.


Watching a live performance provides a day full of arts and culture. Some cities feature theater performances, while others may boast dance productions. You’re in for a lot of fun as the curtain opens and the spotlight shines bright on the entertainers on stage.


Many cities offer opportunities to listen and dance to music. Some may present local musicians playing traditional music of the region and others host huge headliners at major venues. Check out the music scene to get your toes tapping and expand your cultural horizons on your next vacation.

Historic Places

Learn about the city when you stop by some of the famous landmarks, which have stories to tell. Many times these points of interest include areas with a colorful past and spots where major historic events took place.