About Water Activities, Sports & Tours in Amman

Whether you like to experience the wonders of the water from the comfort of an enclosed vessel or prefer to dive right in, Expedia will find the water works for you. Although not every city features every type of these water-based activities, the following are just a few favorites available in many areas.


Get up close and personal with the marine life when you go on a snorkeling excursion. Flutter your flippers alongside fish, sea turtles, and various other underwater creatures for an adventure of a lifetime.

Scuba Diving

There’s plenty of fish in the sea, so strap on your scuba gear to see for yourself. Many lakes, oceans, and rivers offer scuba diving opportunities. Some feature underwater wreckage you can explore, while other’s boast one-of-kind interactions with wildlife.

Surfing Lessons

Learn to hang ten on your next vacation. Expedia can help you find a good deal on an instructor who’s willing to teach you all the pro surf secrets. Once you learn the basics of paddling and popping up on your board, you’ll be riding the rip curls and hanging ten in no time.


Float down a lazy river or brave the white water rapids. Some rafters prefer calm and mellow rides, while others like a challenge. Wherever your skill set and interest lies, there’s a rafting adventure out there for you.

Local Cruises

Get to know a city and its attractions by seeing it from the water’s edge on a local cruise. Be it a modest river cruiser, a larger ship traveling to and from nearby islands, a Mississippi River paddlewheeler, or a thrilling coastline cruise in a fast cigarette speedboat, there’s no end to the things to see and do on the water. Some cruises also offer meals and entertainment options to make your cruise all the more memorable.