About Amman Dinner Cruises, Brunch Cruises, Food & Wine Tours

Eat your way through the city during your travels. Here at Expedia, you’ll find the best discounts on tasting events and tours. While not every city features every type of foodie adventure, these are just a few examples of popular activities available in certain destinations.

Winery and Brewery Tours

Twenty-one-and-up travelers prep your palates and responsibly sip on some adult beverages during your vacation. Raise a flute glass at the local winery or tour the mash brew kettles at the brewery. While you’re in town, check out the best, local watering holes, taste some brews in the beer gardens, or unwind with a view of the vineyards.

Brunch and Dinner Cruises

Take to the water and cast off with a mimosa in your hand. Brunch and dinner cruises on lakes, rivers, and oceans offer good views and even better eats. Some cruises set up buffets, while others present multi-course meals.

Cooking Classes

Channel your inner Julia Child when you take a cooking class during your travels. Learn to whip up your favorite concoctions or discover how to properly grill, bake, or fry. Cooking classes offer a great way for you to get excited about spending time in the kitchen.